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AKC Golden Retriever 

  Woof! My name is Cody whelping date 1/15/2019 . I am a happy dog. I live on a farm and love it! My favorite snack is cheese. I hear it as soon as they take it out of the fridge. I love mud and rain and especially snow, it makes me happy. I like to run and catch the snowflakes. Sometimes my family calls me “Dug” from the movie, Up. I like it when they call me Dug, it makes me happy. I have a 2 legged brother named Brady, he is 8. He makes me happy. We like to play tug of war. We like to wrestle. We like to play in the mud together. Playing makes me happy. I like being happy. I like making people happy. Squirrel!


Zeus’s Golden Eagle AKC # SS10441408

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