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Puppy Pickup

Important Information

  • I’d like to give everyone a 1 hour time slot.  This will give you time to pick your new family friend, go over paperwork, & I can answer any questions you might have.  

  • When you pick up your puppy, they will be on solid food. Purina Pro Plan Puppy.  If needed I can send you home with a 5 day supply.  This gives you time to pick some up or if you wish to switch foods you can gradually do so.  Mixing the new food with the previous food makes it easier on the puppy’s digestive system.  

  • Your puppy will know how to use a dog door.  Puppies here have been potty trained to go outside.  If you wish to re-train, I recommend bell training as an amazing tool.  Every time you take your puppy out to go potty ring a bell that you mount by the door at dog level.  The goal is to have your puppy ring it when they need to go to the bathroom. 

  • Puppies are kenneled at night so if you plan to kennel train they will be accustomed to sleeping in a kennel at night with a snuggle puppy.

  • You will also receive a toy that has litter mates & mom’s scent. 

  • I recommend bringing a blanket/towel that you can rub on mom dog.  This is something your puppy can sleep with, that can aid in transitioning homes.   

  • Another useful tool is to get a windup clock or anything that makes a ticking noise and place this under their bedding.  This will act as the heartbeat of litter mates that they have grown accustomed to sleeping with.   An alternative is the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

  • I highly recommend using stainless steel bowls for food and water. I have found them to be the longest lasting and easiest to clean.

  • Having a lot of toys is a must.  For durability I like the Kong brand. Some squeaky toy are also a good idea (you will be sent home with one).  Lots of chew bones (I like the nylon chews). I stay away from rawhide chews.  

  • When your puppy is chewing on something they are not supposed to (like shoes) tap your puppy's' nose and with a firm voice tell them NO, then replace it with an appropriate chew toy. You always want to end with a positive with your puppy.  

  • Keep in mind these are only suggestions. You and your new puppy will get a routine that works for you and your family.  

  • Please feel free to text, email or call with any questions you might have. 


I look forward to meeting you all.

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