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  • If a curlier, less shedding coat is very important to you, go with one of the backcrossed generations.

  • If you like the easier to maintain wavy coat that may shed a little, look for an F1 Doodle.

  • Usually, F1 and F1b generations are the best for everyone and have the most predictable traits.


It’s worth remembering your decision on which puppy is right for you shouldn’t only be based off of the generation. 


Not every puppy will have equal genetic traits from the parents. Some might have more Poodle traits or vise

Doodle Generations Explained

The generations are fairly straight forward.


F1 is a first generation dog. A purebred Dog “Golden Retriever or Labrador Retrieve” crossed with a purebred poodle.


F2 would be a F1 crossed with a F1.


F3 would be a F2 with a F2.


Traits and Backcrosses




This first generation is a half and half mix of the parent breeds. 

These will be lower shedding than the  shedding parent, but can still shed a little. 

Coat might be wavy, loose curls, or tight curls.
They have the best "Goldendoodle / Labradoodle" look.These dogs benefit the most from Hybrid Vigor. 



The F1b gives the best chance of lower shedding while still keeping that cute wavy coat. They are 75% Poodle they may tend to have tighter curls than the F1.

F2b and F1 bred to an F1b

These dogs are another favorites and they tend to  have better luck with less shedding and can have a bit more of the shedding dog (golden retriever or Labrador Retriever) look than the F1b alone. They are 5/8 Poodle and 3/8 of the shedding dog – which is 1/8 less Poodle and 1/8 more shedding dog than an F1B.  

What is the "B"

 The “B” in the title of the dog is what can be more confusing. 


F1 Dogs have 50% of each purebred dog so they have the potential to shed a little. We often breed an F1 back to a Poodle to help reduce shedding. The puppy from that liter is called an F1b.


The “B” represents a backcross. Meaning it has been bred back to a parent breed, either Poodle or other purebred dog. So an example would be a puppy that is 75% Poodle and 25% shedding dog (Golden or Labrador Retrieve)


You can breed a F1b to a Poodle to get an F1bb puppy.


There are inconsistencies in the terms when you get further into the generations. You would think a F2b would be an F2 bred back to a parent breed, but some take an F1 crossed with an F1b and call it F2b


By the time you get to the F3 generations with backcrosses, breeders call it a “Multigenerational” or “Multigen” doodle. 


F3s can be a cross of any of the following: 

F1B x F1B; F1B x F2B; F2 x F2; F2B x F2B; and so on.

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