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Congratulation on your purchase of your F1B Labradoodle puppy.  We are proud of our puppies and that it will become a valued member of your family.


This puppy is a result of the breeding of:

Mishka @ T & R Ranch & Forest Hills Fats Domino AKC # PR20226802

Date of birth:  October 8th 2020


We guarantee that the puppy you have purchased will be free of the genetic defects of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia or the canine retinal problem, as evaluated by the canine retinal eye registration, and diagnoses in the first two years of purchase date.  In order for this guarantee to be honored the following conditions must not have occurred:

  1.  An accident that could affect the eye or skeletal growth of the puppy.

  2. Inappropriate feeding resulting in uneven growth, overweight or underweight.

  3. A disease that could affect the eyes or skeletal growth of the puppy.

  4. Spay or neuter before the growth plates are closed.


Spay or neuter must be done on your puppy before the age of 2 years old. It has been proven that it is better for you puppy to have the growth plates closed before spay or neuter.  I listed 10 reasons why your pet would be healthier if left intact, until the growth plates are closed.

It increases the chance of you your dog having the following; Hip dysplasia, Heart tumors, Abnormalities in bone growth & development, Higher risk of ACL ruptures, Hypothyroidism, Infectious diseases, Adverse reactions to vaccines, Secondary anesthetic procedures for toy breeds, Bone cancer & Prostate cancer.  Please contact your veterinarian for their recommendation.     Please see attached sheet


If your puppy should have any of these genetic problems as evaluated by a licensed veterinarian in the first 2 years from the date of purchase, we will replace the puppy with a puppy from a future litter that is equivalent to the one that you have purchased.  To receive a new puppy, you will have to provide proof of the original puppy has been spayed/neutered and not bred before replacement is provided.  We may request an independent evaluation from a vet of our choice at our expense.   


If for any reason you should decide in the future that this puppy cannot be kept by you or a family member, you agree to contact T & R Ranch as it is our wish for any and all of our puppies be placed in a safe & loving home.


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